Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pastel picks of the season

Anyone who doesn't live under a rock and has been into Topshop in the last month or two will have no doubt noticed the pastels trend. Girly hues are everywhere, but the 'hook' is icy shades, not candy-sweet pinks. And designers such as Phillip Lim showed loose-fitting trousers and blazers in New York to dodge the twee bullet (see Luella circa Spring/Summer '09) and give something of a modern edge. I love a tea-party as much as the next English person, but thank god. Jonathan Saunders also did a glorious job, by keeping it colourful and the silhouette laid-back and slouchy. I love the large, shapeless skirts, although I'm not sure how flattering they would look on anyone who isn't Daphne Groeneveld. Saunders also loses brownie points in my book for all that paisley-a trend I will never understand, I can't imagine feeling good about myself in what looks like some second-hand curtains. But I digress.

Lanvin was also lovely (although is it just me or did the models look particularly emaciated?), presenting a predominantly all-black collection, with a few splashes of pastel and camel tones in that kind of ultra silky, flowing fabric that looks like liquid.

So, if you want to dip your toes into icy shades, I've done a quick bit of browsing and found some cheap and cheerful equivalents. (Or students, if like me, your bank balance is in the red, you can't go wrong with Primark.)

Topshop, £25

Zara, Blazer £89.99, Trousers, £49.99 

Topshop, £40

Miss Selfridge, £35.00

And you can start right away on ASOS here!

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