Monday, 19 March 2012

King of Clichés...I mean Fashion.

Even constant controversy and wild horses can't knock Chanel superstar Karl Lagerfeld off the top spot. A self-portrait by the designer is featured on the cover of this month's royalty issue of i-D. Expressionless as ever, Karl has done the traditional i-D 'wink' in his own way, covering one eye with (what else?!) an eye patch. 'All Hail King Karl!' exclaims the magazine, dubbing him, alongside countless others, as the 'ultimate iconic fashion designer.'

It's amusing to me how a man can be so highly praised in a respectable magazine such as i-D and be the object of so much slating in lowly gossip magazines like heat (thanks to the Adele controversy). Regardless, it keeps everybody talking, and keeps Karl in the spotlight.

Currently on i-D's website there is a small virtual shrine to Lagerfeld, including content from Chanel's recent show in Paris. The designer described his inspirations as a  'mix of minerals and raw crystals', and indeed it is a sparkly collection. Geometric shards of glass adorn the classic suits, and my personal favourite is the crystal-encrusted eyebrows. Definitely a high-maintenance look. Check it out here

You have to hand it to Kaiser Karl, he knows how to get everyone all worked up about him. I can't help but wonder just what it is about him that divides opinions so drastically. My theory is that he simply doesn't seem human. With his stiff collars, sunglasses and ponytail, (and cold demeanor, and ridiculous work ethic...I could go on) he reminds me more of a cartoon villain. What do you think of King Karl and his cover for i-D?

The new issue of i-D hits shelves March 22nd, and celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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