Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fashion's Grandmother

Vivienne Westwood epitomises the meaning of cool Britannia. Her name represents a certain iconography within the fashion world; rebellious, yet traditional. Throughout her long and thriving career Westwood has long challenged what it means to be British, including placing a safety pin through the lip of the Queen and combining the punk attitude with a old-school British sensibility. It was this controversy that caught everyone’s attention. The punk movement was crucial in allowing Westwood’s career to take off, it was her talent and knack for embracing the Zeitgeist that allowed her to strive even after punk was long dead. Once quoted as saying, ‘It grew exhausting…I am sure that anti-establishment is what feeds the establishment,’ Westwood grew up and showed the world her versatility. Taking inspiration from art history, her clothes became tailored, romantic and elegant in the eighties and nineties. In this way her rebellious streak became more subtle, instead of ripped clothing, she expressed herself by parodying the upper-class, breathing life into country wear and school uniform.


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